About Us

XH Radio Labs shares your love of vintage radio gear.

John (AC7XH), the owner, has been a licensed amateur since 1957, Extra class. He's also an Electrical Engineer by education.

We are a small family-run electronics lab, but we have the capacity to purchase estates and handle large amounts of radio equipment through our auction partner, Schulman Auctions.

All of our communication and audio equipment has been refurbished or restored to factory specifications. Everything we sell spends 48 hours on the burn-in bench before shipment so you can rest assured that your equipment will arrive ready to use. We also service what we sell, so if a problem crops up we can resolve it for you. All our equipment comes with a complete engineering report so there are no surprises.

On our website you will find some equipment from the legends in the field: Howard Mills, Chuck Hurley, Peter Wittenberg, and of course XH Radio Labs.

In addition to Electrical Engineering and amateur radio, John was an Air Force pilot and spent 29 years in the Air Force Reserves. He now owns and maintains a full scale 777 Flight simulator for flying and getting young children interested in aviation, and hopefully amateur radio.


We partner with Schulman Auction on many items.